About Us

Global Blockchain Consulting & Development
BlockchainArmy is a premium blockchain consulting firm. It offers an impressive range of blockchain consulting services that cover venture creation, capital advisory, blockchain development projects, support through a broker-dealer,blockchain apps, and so on. The blockchain consulting firm has its headquarters in Istanbul and Rotterdam City, and its branches are spread across 20+ countries. BlockchainArmy supports projects such as-

• Energy
• Healthcare
• Finance
• Agriculture
• Taxation
• Government Solutions
• Supranational Organizations
• Supply-chain Management

Press releases

BlockchainArmy Founder President EROL USER announced BCA ID to overcome...

Blockchainarmy is excited to announce the launch of BCA ID for the governments and people use. A blockchain based digital id which helps you... read more

08.04.2020 • By www.blockchainarmy.com